Problongos baudiliensis gen. & spec. nov., a new lepidopteran fossil (Lepidoptera, Geometridae, Ennominae) from the Upper Miocene diatomite deposit of Saint-Bauzile (Ardèche, France, F-07)
















Par Xavier MÉRIT & Michel MÉRIT

The authors relate in the present paper the occurrence of several fossils discovered in the Upper Miocene diatomite deposit of Saint-Bauzile (F-07). This site shows an exceptional richness with some fossils particularly well preserved. During one research, a lepidopteran fossil was unexpectedly discovered. According to the estimated age of the members of the subfamily, the known larval food plants and others criteria, this moth appears to belonging to the subfamily of the Ennominae (Geometridae). The authors propose to name this new lepidopteran fossil Problongos baudiliensis gen. & spec. nov.

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Some Ennominae (Geometridae) :

A. Problongos baudiliensis gen. & spec. nova (Photo : Xavier Mérit)
B. Selenia lunularia HÜBNER, 1788 (Photo : Daniel Morel)
C. Isturgia limbaria FABRICIUS, 1775 (Photo : Daniel Morel)
D. Siona lineata SCOPOLI, 1763 (Photo : Philippe Mothiron).

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