(Voir aussi les pages Amathusiidae, Brassolidae, Nymphalidae)

Tree of Life – Satyrinae Boisduval 1833,  « Satyridae » of authors

Satyrinae (Funet – Markku Savela)

Satyrinae (Pteron, site japonais)

Satyrinae – Paläarktische Schmetterlinge – Heiner Ziegler – Euroleps

Satyrinae of Europe

Satyrinae of the Western Palearctic

Satyridae of RussiaSatyridae Boisduval, 1833

Satyrinae of of temperate Asia

A Check List of Butterflies in Indo-China : Satyrinae

Butterflies of America (Neotropical pages) : Satyrinae

Butterflies of America (North & Central America pages) : Satyrinae

Satyrinae of of Mexico, USA & Canada

Satyrinae of the Amazon & Andes

Neotropical Satyrinae

Danaidae, Satyridae, Nymphalidae, Hesperiidae (site chinois : Taiwan)

Thaibugs – All about Thailand’s Insects : Satyrinae

The Papua Insects Foundation : Satyrinae

Satyrinae in Australia

Satyrinae of Africa

Satyrinae of South Africa

Satyrinae du Ghana


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