Saturniidae Boisduval, 1837 (Funet – Markku Savela)

World’s Largest Saturniidae Site – Bill Oehlke

Saturnia Homepage

Saturniidae World – Home page für den Saturniidenfreund

The Leroy Simon Saturniidae Collection

The Kirby Wolfe Saturniidae Collection

Saturniidae – Silkmoths of the World

Région paléarctique

Saturniidae of the Western Palaearctic (including Europe, North Africa, the Middle East, western Siberia and western Central Asia.)

Moths and Butterflies of Europe and North Africa : Saturniidae

Saturniidae, Cossidae, Sesiidae des Côtes d’Armor (Alex Cahurel)

Saturnia pyri

Contribution à la connaissance de Graellsia isabelae galliaegloria Oberthur (Lepidoptera, Attacidae) connu uniquement en France

Région néarctique

Saturniid Moths (University of Kentucky)

Moths (Saturniidae) of Prince Edward Island

Fiche d’élevage Actias Luna

Butterflies and Moths of North America : Saturniidae

North American Moths – Saturniidae

Région orientale

Saturniidae and Brahmaeidae (Lepidoptera) of Southeast Asia

Saturniidae Research : South East Asia

The Moths of Borneo : Family Saturniidae

Sphingidae, Saturniidae, Drepanidae, Cyclidiidae, Brahmaeidae, Eupterotidae (site chinois : Taiwan)

Thaibugs – All about Thailand’s Insects : Saturniidae

Loepa sikkima

List of moths of India (Saturniidae)

Région afrotropicale

African Moths : Saturniidae

Saturniidae of South Africa

Région néotropicale

Doyle’s Delight Expedition 2007. Expedition to the Belize’s Highest Point Moths : Saturniidae and Sphingidae. Jan Meerman 2008

Saturniidae de Guyane

Saturniidae d’Amérique du Sud (A. Cahurel)

Saturniidae de Guyane (SEAG)

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