Riodinidae (Funet – Markku Savela)

Boldsystems – Taxonomy Browser – Riodininae

Interactive Listing of American Butterflies : Riodinidae

Butterflies of America (Neotropical Pages) : Riodinidae

Butterflies of America : Riodinidae

Neotropical Butterflies (Riodinidae)

Pteron sur les Riodinidae

Riodinidae of the Amazon & Andes

Riodinidae Grote, 1897 – Liste de 467 espèces guyanaises (SEAG)

List of Lycaenidae (and Riodinidae) species photographied up to 1999 by O. Kosterin (Russie, Sibérie, Asie centrale)

Riodinidae of Central America

Butterflies of Northern Peru : Metalmarks (Riodinidae)

Vidéo : Riodinidae in Yungas – part one

Vidéo : Riodinidae in Yungas – part two

Vidéo : Riodinidae in Yungas – part three

Semomesia geminus (Fabricius, 1793) (Lepidoptera: Riodinidae: Mesosemiini): First records for Rio de Janeiro and Pernambuco states, range extension and distribution map, with an assessment of its potential wider occurrence in Brazil

South America Butterflies and Moths : Hairstreaks, Blues, Metalmarks – part III

A Strange Butterfly-Ant Relationship Discovered in Peru

El Parque Nacional de Cotacachi : Mariposas Riodinidae

Inventaire des papillons du Parc national Sangay (Équateur) : Riodinidae

Neotropical Riodinidae

Butterflies of temperate Asia : Riodinidae

South East Asian Butterflies Riodinidae (Metalmarks)

UK Butterflies : Riodinidae


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