North America : Links to Other Lepidoptera Resources

BugGuide : Identification, Images, & Information for Insects, Spiders & Their Kin for the United States & Canada

Butterflies of America. Interactive Listing of American Butterflies (from Alaska to Panama and the Caribbean)

Butterflies and Moths of North America collecting and sharing data about Lepidoptera

Butterflies of Mexico, USA & Canada

Northern Prairie Wildlife Research Center : Caterpillars of Eastern Forests



Saturniid Moths (University of Kentucky)

Sphingidae of the Americas

Sphingidae of the United States

World’s Largest Saturniidae Site!, 2017

Saturniidae of Prince Edward Island, Canada

North American Moth Photographers Group : Lasiocampidae

Moths of Southeastern Arizona : Lasiocampidae

Bob Belmont’s Geometridae of North America – Mississipi Entomological Museum

Jerry Powell’s Western Micromoths (California) – Mississipi Entomological Museum

Jeff’s Moth Photos

The Skeptical Moth (Chris Grinter)


Butterflies of Canada

Papillons diurnes du Canada

ButterflyCorner : The Nearctic Ecozone (North America) : Papilionidae

Parnassius of the World

ButterflyCorner : The Nearctic Ecozone (North America) : Nymphalidae

Jeff’s Butterfly Page

North American Butterflies Occurring North of Mexico (NaBa)


Butterflies of New England

The Butterflies of Massachusetts

Massachusetts Butterfly Species List

North Carolina Butterflies

Duke Forest butterflies (North Carolina)

Common Butterflies in Kentucky

Butterflies of Northern Illinois (photos)

Butterflies of Dallas County, Texas

Butterflies of South Texas

texasbutterflyranch – on Monarch Butterfly Migration

Butterflies and California Native Plants

List of Butterflies of Utah

Butterflies and Moths of Utah

Butterflies of Northern Mexico and Sonora

Washington Butterflies. Butterfly Photos from Mt. Rainier and Mt. St. Helens

Butterflies of Quebec

Quebec’s Butterflies and Moths

Saturniidae of Prince Edward Island, Canada

Moths of the Fletcher Wildlife Garden (Ottawa, Canada)

Moths of North Dakota – An online identification guide

The Moths of Southeastern Arizona

Butterflies of Southeastern Arizona

Common Caterpillars of SE Arizona

Butterflies Along Alaska’s Hiking Trails

Butterflies of San Franscisco Bay Area

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