The Lepidoptera (butterflies and moths) of Papua – The Papua Insects Foundation

Australian moths on line (CSIRO)

Pictures of Moths in Australia

Chenilles d’Hétérocères d’Australie

Australian caterpillars


ButterflyCorner : The Australasia/Indomalaya ecozone

The Lepidoptera (butterflies and moths) of Papua – The Papua Insects Foundation

Butterflies of Australia

Check-list of the Birdwing Butterflies (Ornithoptera)

Les Ornithoptères (Pteron, site japonais)

Atrophaneura (Pteron,  site japonais)

Delias of the World

Nymphalidae of Papua Indonesia (Papua Insects Foundation)

Le genre Cethosia

Le genre Idea

Search for Euploea

Australian caterpillars


Butterflies of Australia

Lepidoptera – Butterflies and Moth families – Graeme’s Insects of Townsville, Australia

Delias of Australia

Lycaenidae : le genre Ogyris

Lycaenidae : le genre Hypochrysops

Insects of Tasmania : Lepidoptera

Brisbane Insects and Spiders Home Page

Brisbane area : Papilionidae

Brisbane area : Pieridae

Brisbane area : Nymphalidae

Brisbane area : Lycaenidae

Brisbane area : Hesperiidae

Australian moths on line (CSIRO)

Families of Moths in Australia

Lifeunseen : Butterflies & Moths (Queensland)

Moth Identification – LeapFrogOz

Moths of the Adelaide Hills

Australian Lepidoptera – Flickr : images of moths and butterflies from Australia, particularly Canberra

Lepidoptera Photos – Laura Levens (Australie)

Australia Butterflies – Reiner R.’s diary

Noctuidae d’Australie (CSIRO)

Geometridae d’Australie (CSIRO)

Sphingidae d’Australie (CSIRO)

Lasiocampidae of Australia

CSIRO (Australia) : Lasiocampidae

Nouvelle Guinée (Papua, PNG)

The Papua Insects Foundation

Delias de l’Arfak

Delias of Irian Jaya

Delias of Papua New Guinea

Sphingidae de Papua (Papua Insects Foundation)

Nymphalidae of Papua Indonesia (Papua Insects Foundation)

Photos de lépidoptères de Papua (Flickr)

Butterflies of Papua New Guinea

The EntomID-PNG project aims to compile a database of all Papua New Guinea insect species

The New Guinea Binatang Research Center

La récolte des papillons... sauve les papillons (Papouasie Nouvelle Guinée)

Sustainable Insect Farming in Papua New Guinea

Protection des Ornithoptères en Papua

Nouvelle Zélande


Butterflies of New Zealand

NZ Butterflies and their caterpillars


Liste des papillons diurnes de Nouvelle Calédonie

Delias of New Caledonia

Cook Islands Biodiversity : Lepidoptera

Delias of the Solomon Islands

Solomon Islands : An Overview of the Butterfly Trade (À propos d’Ornithoptera victoriae)

Lepidoptera of French Polynesia

Butterflies of Hawai


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