Tree of Life web project : Explore the Tree of Life (page d’introduction)

The Tree of Life Web Project (ToL) is a collaborative effort of biologists from around the world. On more than 9000 World Wide Web pages, the project provides information about the diversity of organisms on Earth, their evolutionary history (phylogeny), and characteristics.

Tree of Life web project : Lepidoptera

Boldsystems : Taxonomy browser ; order Lepidoptera – List of Species barcoded

Théories de l’évolution

The Complete Work of Charles Darwin Online

Synergistic effects of combining morphological and molecular data in resolving the phylogeny of butterflies and skippers

Le papillon se souvient de sa vie de chenille

Caterpillars Hostplants Database

Jim Mallet’s Home Page. Galton Laboratory, Department of Biology, University College London.

Mathieu Joron : Butterfly Ecology and Evolution

Mimétisme batésien : Papilio dardanus

Mimétisme batésien : Papilio memnon

Can you see me ? | Animal camouflage (blog avec nombreuses photos)

Mimicry & Warning Colour

Climatic Risk Atlas of European Butterflies

Ten major natural history museum libraries, botanical libraries, and research institutions joined together to form the Biodiversity Heritage Library Project. They are developing a strategy and operational plan to digitize the published literature of biodiversity held in their respective collections and make it available through a global “biodiversity commons.” The digitized texts are being archived here.

Lepidoptera migration

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